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Please leave your pets at home.

Please do not apply insect repellant while in the berries.

1. Bring a container in which to pick (We have them if you forget.) Don't overfill containers. The berries are fragile.

2. Parking: Park in our drive. If it gets full, it is OK to park on Jay Road completely off the pavement.

3. Go into our yard at the gate at west side of drive. To open gate, grasp handle, pull and lift gate toward you, press on thumb latch, and then push gate open. Go to gate at NW end of our yard, and go through to the farm. Please close gates behind you.

4. BE CAREFUL OUT HERE! Stay AWAY from the ponds! They are DANGEROUS! VERY difficult to get out of. KNOW WHERE YOUR KIDS ARE. Stay off the tractors and machinery! Watch and control your children. Please stay out of the rows of other plants. Pick only ripe berries.

5. Please pick thoroughly. Please pick bad berries or creature tasted ones and toss them out into the grass or road. That way they won't pass mold on to good ones.

6. Plants are fragile and easily damaged. Instruct you children accordingly.

7. The eating rule: We would never ask you not to eat while you pick. But please be fair and pay for what you pick, including the ones you eat; we have bills to pay.

8. Some of the rows may be muddy. Dress accordingly. Wear shoes, not sandals, not barefoot. Wear sunscreen.

9. When you finish picking, weigh your berries on the scale, estimate the ones you ate, use the calculator and paper pad to compute what you owe, and pay in the black mailbox marked "Pay Here."

10. Come to the farm! Have fun!

Picking Rules